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Thank you for noticing!
Yeah, I don't know much about the current IT industry as I don't have anyone who I can refer to. Reddit might be my only unofficial source.

I assume it's like office working hours & isn't like my editing job where I'll be chasing dateline, really tight dateline weekly, for me to enable to have more time or work/life balance. It's one of the main reason for me to go into IT career change.

Still considering that specialist diploma cloud tech coz it's new in the industry and will gain an add-on value for me as well, and the duration of study is 1 year. While diploma in ICT duration of study is 2.5 years

What are your thoughts on work & study scheme? For those have a family to feed and bills to pay with that measly allowance and it's full time. And not guaranteed a company will hire you.


IT is a big industry ranging from IT administrator to programmers to ML engineers and so on.... In fact, many IT jobs are probably as bad as (or worse than) your current job in term of work/life balance.

I am just wondering if you have time to study this one year diploma, why not aim for something higher?

The measly allowance is not meant for people like you who currently has a job. To be frank, you may not qualify for it when you apply or it might be filled up very fast by those who really need it. But some SGUS programs have problems starting due to lack of participants.

Specialist diploma is, in fact, not highly valued in Singapore. I am afraid that you are pinning too much hope on a CET qualification. And chance is that even you do get a related job, your new salary is just a fraction of what you are getting now. As mentioned in earlier post, salary in SG is tagged to qualification and experience. So no experience with a not so recognised specialist diploma, may I know how much do you want to ask for salary? People with cloud computing skills may not be as rare as you think...
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