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to perform live ain't an easy task to begin w/
& me thinks most fans are quite a forgivin' lot

just as long as they can watch their fave artistes' live in their very eyes

unless they consistently goes out of tune for every single song
only then it'll be a major issue

even worst: to lip-sync

I think the problem specific to Sk8er Boi is that Avril's voice was probably digitally altered for the record; she was never able to reach that pitch in the first place.

Yes, it's not easy to perform live. Many rock/metal bands play in a lower tune live to save the vocalist's voice. Just 1 example with Judas Priest

Album, guitars tuned to E standard

Live, guitars tuned to Eb standard (1 fret lower)

On the topic of lip sync, Muse was asked to lip sync on an Italian TV show. They refused, so they made a mockery of the show by swapping roles instead
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