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Yes mistake has been made Iím curious what will be the punishment like
DB fine or what?
u better think / prepare reasons to plead for leniency for a lighter punishment first.

NS, for whatever reason he like or don't like, is also abt instilling R&D + compliance to order mah

clearly evidence is not in your favour given that they have location data of you nt at home during the full duration of the HL, albeit even if it's on the last day of the full HL, you not at home is still cross line liao.

not withstanding the fact that in those cases reported in SG court, the civilians that got charged also will get goreng one...thought there was one guy who was only 1/2 hr from finishing his full 14-day SHN and can still go out eat his prata breakfast...end up got caught when the CISCO occifer make the routine surveillance phone-call check and the person ownself stab him by blowing his own cover lor


who is your direct reporting officer?

i am quite sure the investigation occifer (most likely one of the PNS office person) also have to take into consideration the usual motherhood of factors such as any antecedent / previous similar offence by the NS boi, whether your RO/CO want to put in a word or two for u to plead for leniency etc
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