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1. Why never request for permission?
2. How far away was your relative's home?

I'm sure going out for a meal nearby if no one is around to help you make one is a valid excuse, as long as you inform your superiors and get their expressed approval. If your relative's home is quite far away and you didn't think to inform, then it's hard to defend yourself. Punishment could be anything from extra duties or SOL, to a stay in DB. Because you technically committed AWOL.
even if the relative stay 5 mins away from TS's house
material fact is that he's not at his own residential address when the spot-check was done -> technically is wrong on his part

why can't TS think of ordering food?
or ask his neighbour/relative dabao food help to bring them over to pass to him?

nevertheless he better prepare his grounds for mitigation to plead for leniency before the disciplinary officer/provost
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