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Hi guys, I have a few questions regarding about opening of a new Citibank deposit account.

1) When opening a new Citibank Deposit account (new to bank customer), are you expected to fund the account immediately at the branch, or do they give you some leeway, like within 24 hours or 48 hours to put in the S$15,000 TRB?

2) If the Citibank deposit account is left at S$0, does it go negative for the S$15 monthly fall below fee? When you deposit money back, it immediately deducts the negative amount, or the bank cannot do anything and your account will always remain at $0?

2a) As for question 2 addition, what if the account balance is left less than S$15, but above S$0 (e.g. S$5), do they deduct $5 and go into negative, or does it become $0?

Thanks in advance, I don't want to create a new thread just for asking this question.
Up for awareness. Still seeking answers. Read quite a few pages on this thread but I don't seem to find a definite answer.
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