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finally got my 2.5Gbps network up and running. I have a Qnap QSW-1105 in study and a Zyxel XGS-1210 in DB closet, both laptop and NAS are using Ugreen USB C 2.5Gbps ethernet adapters. So setup as such:
Laptop/TV/Shield -> QNAP -> Zyxel -> Router/NAS

So my issue is the speed... uploading to NAS gets 2.3Gbps which is great but downloading from NAS gets only ~1.2Gbps, i get ~800Mbps before this upgrading. Seems like there's something wrong with my laptop (LG 15Z96)??
Nice updates.

The LG15Z96 indeed could be a limiting factor as it is a 2016 laptop.

You can try benchmarking your laptop SSD performance to see if that is fast enough.
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