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Hi, I'm Xyryra, Officer of Anchor Strong (like the beer). We're a guild based in Singapore. We're on Barthilas Horde and we welcome anyone new or old who feel like they're the only one playing WoW in their country. We have players that transferred over from other servers like Dalaran and Frostmourne. We welcome players from anywhere (Even previously Alliance players), even though we're on the GMT +8 timezone. If your goal is to farm mounts and transmog, we do that here. Trying to get your feet wet with raids and M+? We do that here. We're not that good at PVP though lmao. Drop me a pm or you can message me on discord at CristalMath#1745

Raid times are currently TBC as we're still a new guild trying to build up our roster. We do have weekly mount/transmog runs of legacy raids.
casual raiding is not for me- suka suka got enough ppl then raid, can only attempt ez boss.

i want 'semi-hardcore': got fixed days roster, all bosses down progression.

PS* i have mroe than 10 years of raiding experience
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