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Should be end of day balance, if u open a new account, u have to fund it on the same day, else the lowest balance for your first month will be $0. Would be good if u share the link to the Q&A that states "at any point of time"
It is actually stated at quite a few areas at the FAQ and on the PDF Terms and Conditions

How is the lowest balance of account opening month determined?

The lowest balance of that month will be the lowest amount of funds in your MaxiGain account at any point in time in the month (which includes the first day on which your MaxiGain account is opened). The lowest balance for the first month will be zero if the MaxiGain account is not funded on the day it is opened.

My concern is if I made an accidental funds transfer from the MaxiGain account, but I replenish the same amount immediately within the same day, my "lowest balance" will be affected because "at any point in time" i already withdrew the funds hence the balance is at its lowest at that point of withdrawal / transfer.

However, the very same FAQ Table also states "End Day Balance", can also mean that as long as I replenish the funds before 12 midnight the same day, logically it should not be affected as by the end of the day, the amount remains the same as I replenished the funds transferred / withdrew out.

I don't know why it seems that the default funds transfer account is MaxiGain on the app. Everytime you transfer funds must select the drop down box otherwise it will be from MaxiGain.
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