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Yes, I also kena this a few times when I first started using their app, I think it depends on which account u clicked prior to clicking the transfer tab. But to be safe, always check just before you key in the amount to transfer from the drop down box u mentioned.
Yes, must be careful and double check at the drop down box of which account it is before the transfer.

I just spoke to Citibank on the phone. On the Citi phone app, the "default" debiting account is based on the account that has the highest balance of funds in it. I was told to try topping up more funds to the other account higher than the MaxiGain account and see if the default debiting account changes.

I just tried and it works, as long as one other account has higher balance than MaxiGain, the other account will be the default debiting account for transfer, until the amount drops lower than MaxiGain, then MaxiGain will be the "default" account again from the drop down box. Basically, the account with the most money will be the default account for outgoing transfer, so must make sure to check carefully before making any transfers.
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