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The file system AND directory structure of the Resmed data cards are very specific.

If you formatted the card with your PC, all your previous data is now lost; there is nothing else you can do except have your Resmed unit format the card again. If you format it with your PC, it may not have the correct file system that the unit requires.

As for the directory structure, Windows will write a Folder called "System Volume Information" onto the card when you insert it into your PC. Resmed will then refuse to accept the card when it detects this change.

If this is your problem, you can try to fix it by deleting the "System Information Folder" via file explorer. If that does not work (because Windows keeps recreating the directory), do the following:

Open a command prompt (start->command prompt), change to the SD card drive (eg: "E:<enter>", and type this command:

rmdir "System Volume Information" /s /q
Type it exactly as you see, with the quotes, and with a space before and after the /s and /q commands. This will remove the folder. Put the SD card back in your unit, and it should work fine.

Always remember to write protect the sdcard when you take it out, and before you insert it into your PC. Also remember to flip it back to write enabled before putting it back in the unit.
Hi Dreamt, thanks for sharing so much details. I will have a try tonight. My issue now is that if I put a reformatted exfat32 card into resmed unit for it to reformat itself. Will this works?

I face issue when I tried to plug into the pc and I get error the card is invalid (something along the line) I will confirm tonight.
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