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55inch TV + 3.1/2.1 Setup Recommendations

I'm looking for some recommendations for a 3.1/2.1 Speaker + Receiver + Tv. My budget is ~1k -1.2k for the whole setup. Honestly, I'm still quite new to all of this. I initially considered just getting a brand name (Sony, LG etc) Tv and a soundbar but once I got into reading more I realised that brands such as TCL and Xiaomi are better value and 2.1 systems are alot better than your typical soundbar.

As of now I have narrowed my options down to

TV: Xiaomi 4S TCL C715, initially I also considered the TCL R635 because of all the great reviews I saw for it plus it has a mini led backlight but it seems that model is unavailable in Singapore. Right now I'm leaning towards Xiaomi since it fits more into my budget and I'm not too sure how the support might be from TCL since all I've seen are Carousell sellers importing them.

AVR: Quite clueless on the choice for this or if this is even necessary. 5.1 one would be enough, 3.1 is all I need but I heard 3.1 avrs are hard to come by. I don't intend on ever upgrading from 3.1 since my living room is quite small and one side is completely open and the other side is windows.

Speakers: Ideally I would like a 3.1 setup with bookshelf speakers but if that's too expensive I'll settle for 2.1 with possibility of adding a center in the future.

In the beginning, I was looking on reddit for recommendations but I realised that majority of the models recommended there were hard to ship to SG and at the same time I was worried that the electrical systems might not match properly. Like I said I'm new to all of this and only did abit of research so far. I'm willing to hear any advice or recommendations from any gurus here
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