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Wow. This is the first time I've heard anything like this. Did you personally experience it? Which retailer, and how did you find out? Did you call them out on it, and what was their reply?
Sorry I replying this only now as I missed your question previously.

I booked my sleep test at NUH, after sleep test doctor never give me any prescription, only sleep report. I have to call in to request for one to buy online.

Went shopping for CPAP and came to Shaw House where there is one company selling Philip Respironics. The sleep tech informed that since my report is from NUH, $1600 for machine. He let slipped that if my report from SGH, $1200 for same machine.

Then I decided to tell him to fly kite in my heart, ordered on Amazon for $680 all in for Dreamstation Auto CPAP. Add Dreamwear mask for $150+/-

Before that loan from SGH 1 month for free Resmed S9 try try
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