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Thanks for the links and info.
Ya I know about the risks. But the idea is to kill those germs that simple washing can't do. Water and soap can kill most but not all. Don't think I can clean that well.
Just need to take note to let it rest after the ozone in a ventilated place for a few hours.
If this is not good, probably I will try the lumin uvc which is similar to those devices use to santise phone.
Warranty wise should not be a problem. Don't think I will put the main machine into santise and mine is a US set.

You might like to do a bit of research about ozone cleaners before you use one. It seems, the general consensus from various online forums is that ozone damages masks, and more importantly, the seals inside the cpap unit over time.

Since Feb 2020, at least one major manufacturer's warranty will no longer cover damage caused by using an Ozone cleaner, and another reserved the right to void the warranty if they determine that the use of an ozone cleaner was the cause of the defect. IMO, this is basically confirmation that such devices do cause damage to the unit.

Resmed: 8 Jan 2020 Letter
...ResMed has observed that prolonged and repeated use of an ozone device may eventually cause internal damage to a ResMed machine, leading to an increase in motor noise.

Warranty update:Effective for sales of ResMed machines on or after February 1, 2020, ResMed’s limited warranty will exclude damage to ResMed machines caused by use of ozone devices...

...ResMed is not taking a position on whether you should use an ozone device. That decision is up to you, as the patient, to balance the convenience of using an ozone device versus the likelihood of potential damage to your ResMed machine...

Resmed: Warranty information on all products
Effective February 1, 2020, ozone damage is specifically excluded

CPAP manufacturers address certain cleaning devices
Philips Respironics... “reserves the right to void a warranty if it is determined that the use of SoClean caused a defect for which a device otherwise under warranty was returned.”

In addition, there are some safety issues regarding the use of an ozone cleaner you should also be aware of.

FDA Reminds Patients that Devices Claiming to Clean, Disinfect or Sanitize CPAP Machines Using Ozone Gas or UV Light Have Not Been FDA Authorized
Exposure to high levels of ozone gas may worsen a patients’ existing chronic respiratory diseases or increase the chance of a respiratory infection. UV light-based products could cause burns, eye damage or increase the risk of skin cancer due to over exposure.

Finally, while it supposedly kills bacteria/germs; it does not remove the deposits of oils/gunk/etc inside of your masks/tubes; so you still need to perform your regular daily mask & weekly tube washing and drying as usual anyway. I'm not sure if there is any significant benefit to using one, but it sure seems like they come with a number of downsides to take into consideration.

There are other non-ozone based cleaning equipment that you might like to look into, if convenience is paramount for you. For me, I'm quite fine with simply cleaning my equipment as recommended by the manufacturer regularly.
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