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whoa, i really love and hate dis website. love: the spontaneous responses from all ppl. Hate: server always bz at nite.
aniwai, thanks joanlee!

well, i'm gg to taipei -staying in rainbow hotel for 3 nites, marshal hotel in hualian for a nite. ( cost $543 incl jetstar airport tax, all booked by travel agent) All free n ez so abit scared leh, dunno how to travel around. so I will ask mani questions. thanx again for the reply. aniwia, i'm gg in May b4 the sch hols.

1) any recommended nice/cheap hotsprings in taipei/hualian?
2) can i buy a round trip tix from taipei to hualian? i went to the webiste, said wad 300km-600km e round trip can then be applicable for 1 day. and after is 3 days. so from taipei to hualian is how long the distance? how much is a roudn trip ticket? anyone tried buying from the internet?
3) normally for a ger, how much will u all spend ?

hehe, okie, so far only these 2 questions.
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