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1. Title of course: Bachelor of Communications (Communication)
2. Offering Instituition : MDIS
3. Awarding Instituition : Edith Cowan University
4. Length of Course: 1 year
5. Delivery Method: Part-time, in MDIS Campus
6. Costs : By Full Payment : S$ 11,200.00* By 3 Instalments : S$ 11,800.00*
7. Classes are held twice a week 7pm to 10pm

Quoted from ECU's website

"Bachelor of Communications (Communications Management)
Course Code G54

This course will be offered only off-shore to selected partners.

MDIS students completing the Advanced Diploma are granted 2 Years Advanced Standing by Oklahoma City University. Seeing that ECU is drawing on the same pool of students it follows that it should also provide the same level of recognition. Students from other Singaporean institutions will be granted appropriate advanced standing status according an assessment of their course [see attached pathway document]. All fulltime overseas students enrolled in the course will have to meet ECU English language proficiency standards.

ECU will provide a one-year, eight unit course that follows on from the MDIS Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses in Mass Communication. These two diplomas will provide Advanced Standing for both the ECU award and the OCU degree in Mass Communication.

MDIS will teach the course using a 3 semester in one-year model, thus 2 units + 3 units + 3 units.

In order to maintain viable class numbers, the units will roll over from semester to semester.

The course comprises the following units of study:-

PRN2120 Foundations of Public Relations 15

CMM2120 Integrated Marketing Communications 15

CMM2122 Communication Management 1 - Communication Theory and Practice 15

PRN3120 PR Issues and Crisis Management 15

CMM2121 Communication Research 15

CMM2123 Communication Management 2 - Managing Communication in a Global Environment 15

PRN3122 Corporate Communication 15

PRN3121 Strategic Public Relations Theory

Personal Thoughts:
I am the first batch to have completed this program. The lecturers are mostly quite relaxed but effective.The assignments are quite ok to complete and exams are quite straight-forward. Overall quite an enriching experience.

70% (two projects)
30% (exams)
In some modules its 100% project based

Grading system:
80 and Above: High Distinction
70-80: Distinction
60-70: Credit
50-60: Pass
50 and Below: Fail

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