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Hi gadgetron u check out more about this hotel? i'm kinda keen ..the web pics seems cosy than the highly talked about good ground hotel...
hey.. i went Taipei over the weekends. did check out the hotel. location is ok. but it looks like a love hotel to me. so din stay there.. stayed at rainbow instead. FYI, the king regency is very very cheap but at the lobby, u will be greeted with a basket of condoms which let ppl take for free.. so i assume tats a love hotel. also checked the room. the bed is rounded in shape so once again confirmed that i am in the wrong place liao.

In comparison, the king regency hotel is only bout NT1000 for a twin room. which is bout half the price of other 3 star hotel . but the hotel only has 1 old man as security guard who is sleeping when i was droppin by. n the door of the room is shakey. no card system for the lights n TV.. So i rather pay more for rainbow. which has quite gd room. n the TV has over 100 cable channels. Breakfast sucX. but overall acceptable.

If u r into chinese pop n celebrities. plan ur trip so that its across sat n sun. n do a bit more research. cos right in front of the rainbow hotel is the watsons temp stage where sure got celeb events on weekends
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