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Oh really! Hw much was the flight? Hw do I go abt making this arrangements?
can't remember how much does the flight cost liao..
dat trip to peng hu was almost 6 yrs ago..
but i think is shd be ard 100
u can get the tix from the domestic airport..juz say u wan to fly to "Ma gong" (it is the town in peng hu)

the beach that is filled with seashell is at "ji bei" island..din get to go to ji bei island becoz of typhoon.. so sad >_<

as for ken ding..i took a direct from kao xiong "xiao gang" airport to heng chun..
one section of the beach is also fill with seashell and coral..
the water there is very clear..must go snorkelling..can see fishes swimming besides u..
and nice coral... ^O^
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