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Hi everyone.i asked dis question b4....but no one replied mi :s but reply asap can?
1) for the tour trip to hualian (taroko gorge )takin the bus or taxi,they juz drive u round the place and back arh W/O stopping? or they drive u there, give you some time to explore ard n drive u back?

2) how to go to hualian from rainbow hotel? hmm, correct mi if i'm wrong..izzit take train from Taipei Main station n juz directly take e train to hualian ? cos when i go to the railway website, saw on the website to take a train from taipei to hualian, the starting station is " Shu-lin". I dun understand leh....

1) they will let u stop, get out, explore and explain like a tour guide. If they just drive u around without stopping isn't that very dumb.

2) If i am not wrong Shu-lin is the starting station, u can get ur train to hualien from taipei main station
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