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hi coldblood!

thanks for your info once again!

i checked the rates at octopus and it's around $48 per person for a double room per nite.

the rates at the rainbow hotel's website offers around $52 per person.

slight difference in price.

but on the other hand, i'll be booking for late august, i guess there are still slots available as august is quite some time away!

also, you mentioned that they provide for you airport transfers as well?
is it free or do you have to pay for it?
hi jerbelle

what's the website for rainbow hotel?can't seem to find...yeah it's slightly more ex perhaps due to the availability of breakfast.

hmmm late august shldnt be a problem, but u gotta check if there are any events in taipei like for example the "Nurse Exhibition" in may which resulted in no vacancies. hmmm and also if u notice the website of octopus travel,on the right hand side at the column of the particular hotel.they will state if its AVAILABLE or ON REQUEST.i called them up and they say those ON REQUEST most likely will be rejected so i guess its worth to spend a few buckz more to secure e rooms.i guess rainbow hotel did not allocate much rooms for octopus travels and other companies. btw octopus travel just rejected my application for rainbow hotel and they recommended me First hotel but i gona reject it since i have already have e rooms in rainbow hotel...

yeap they provide airport transfer at a cost of 2000NT. for my case i have 7guys here and it still cost 2000NT which means ard 10plus buckz per person.u can try that if u wanna save e hassle of taking public transport or u could well like the rest of e ppl here take a bus and a mrt to ximen ding which most likely i will be doing that ...

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