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i can't wait to go taipei, still gotta wait for 3 months then it's my turn to step foot there.

i shall go and read all the 90 pages of this thread again to see if i've missed out any valuable info.

anyway, is kee lung worth going? how long is the journey to kee lung from taipei city?
in my opinion, no.
but all depends on what kind of places u like, for me it is trekking.
places recommended in terms of most recommended to less recommended

1. central: qingjing farm - see the scenaries, sheeps and girls

2. east: taroge gouge - north of hualien, try to see if u can fit two days for that and u can trek all u want. even sight seeing takes almost one full day.

3. east: hualien - see sunrise/sunset at qixintan on a gd day, offshore to see whales, try their mambo fish set meals

4. central: hehuanshan - if lucky with a cold front, u may experience snow at abt the peak of 3200m. can get to see maple leaves at aowanda.

5. east: hualien-taidong xiuguluan - white water rafting

6. north: yangmingshan - see their milky lake, have a bit of trekking, may get to see snow or blossoming of flowers, such as sakura or plum or peach at different seasons. not bad to enjoy scenaries at nite too at their baiyun mansion while listening to live music

7. north: ximending - a shibuya-like shopping area, although i've not seen shibuya yet. bring your gf there

8. south: kending - best to go to the beach resort during the summers. go w/o gf and you can see all the bikini gals there and maybe some of the hot shows in their pubs

9. south-central: alishan - see the giant cypress. planted by the japanese and some of the temples in japan actually are made from these woods. try to take an early bus from the hotels up to yushan, and enjoy the sunrise there with the silouette of the trees

10. north: jinguashi - in my opinion a better place to walk around than the congested jiufen nearby, get to see their historical sites left behind by the japanese miners and walk around their typical houses that are all painted in black, including their ceilings

11. central: riyue tan - nicest during the morning, that is of cos if u r going to stay in one of those expensive hotel around the lake

12. north: danshui - west of taipei, supposedly one of the 10 best scenaries in taiwan, but only if u go in the sunset time.

13. south: tainan - good to just see their streets and daily living (if u r that kind who are into a "cultural" exchange). if go in their feb-mar period, dun miss their yanshui fengbao jie where hundreds of fireworks fly horizontally across the streets

14. south-central: jiayi 228 memorial, the most significant historical site in taiwan, that is if u r interested in their history at all. otherwise, jiayi is mainly a station to set off to alishan on their mountain rail

15. north-east: taiping shan of yi-lan, another nice mountain to climb

16. onsens: everywhere, the most famous are the guguan in central, zhiben in the east, and yangmingshan-jinshan, wulai and beitou/hsin beitou in the north

ok, for the night market, it is the same from the north to the south. go one can already, of cos that is shilin night market.
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