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sian, my 5 days trip of taipei/hualian trip is over~! so sad lor...due to the heavy rain on 24th may, din get to hotspring n go to yangmingshan, hope is not a big miss~! now i try to list places dat all the above treads din mention:

1)actually, besides shilin nite market, if u haf juz 2 hours at nite, can go to gongguan nite market( at gongguan stn, near taida). i dunno how to dewscribe, there's dis store sell " qing hua zhuang nai( frog knock the milk), taste v different from outisde pao pao cha..opp dis store, there is a stall sell bun stuffed with meat, salted veggie and peanut crust. the 2 stalls all Super long Q one..WHOA, now thinkin of e bun, my saliva still flow LOL

2) if u at ximending, wanna buy some " tu chan" like Sun biscuit and sweets, there's only 1 store ard the corner of rainbow hotel. is cheap and nice, price at NT$180/ box, airport sells $300 leh...altogether with only 4 ppl, we bought more dne 10 boxes. if wanna get back to airport from the hotel, ask the person at rainbow hotel to arrange a transport from u. only NT$1100 per car. the car is much bigger den a taxi and e driver super frenly and helpful. he will tell u stuff dat you wun get to find out from the internet? LOL

3) ximending, b4 12noon( when dis shop " tamago-ya" sells rice with egg one opens), there is a super long q....they sell somehting like the " taka emu rice", hmmm, stupidly we go q..hmm, the food is not bad,but not worth the wait i guess. Unless like us, we only haf 3 hours left at ximending, so bobian, we eat there. But forgot to mention, their service is v gd, then ur rice w egg is served, they helped u cut the egg in half?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok la, i think i write a diary lidat. overall, the ppl r veri frenly and helpful. the gers there r super " da", meaning they speak with v high pitch and tok too " kiddy"? lOL, mi a ger oso cannot tahan. but surely, i noe the guys will enjoy it v much ~!
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