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oh ya, one last thing to mention, dis time round, the shop is not repeating Jay chou's songs.

everywhere i go, i can only hear 3 singers and watch them even on chinese mtv channels. ARGH

1) Jolin Tsai Yi ling
2) Lin junjie JJ and his related songs( like vivian has dis song composed by him)
3) 3 different versions of Lao Shu Ai da mi.

lin junjie, u r famous liao~!!!!

hey ya, at nite after 11, can go HOLIDAY KTV~~! althought not veri cheap, 3 hours, s$18/person,( like k-box) but provided with
1) attached toilet in ur room
2)snack buffet with drinks juz outside. YES, like cakes, potato chips, sotong balls, 4 types of hot tea, several types of cold drink. ALL FREE FLOW~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3) v updated chinese songs

hmm, but for us, there may be a slight difficulty when we wan to dedicate song from a certain artiste. they differentiate them according to e no. of strokes in their surnames which we need a lot of time to adapt to.

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