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i'm going during late august for 6 days.

planning my itinery now but i'm not sure how to plan!
like everything is so messy :bang:

this is what i've planned so far, just have to put them in place and perhaps add a few more destinations/activities to my itinery.

Day 1
7pm- arrival at Rainbow Hotel
7.30pm- dinner, shop around Xi Men Ding.
9plus- head to Shih Lin Market

Question: Where else should i go after this?
or should i just spend the rest of the nite at Shih Lin or are there any other night markets/24 hour shopping malls i can go?
Or should i go KTV? :blur:

Day 2 (my birthday )
8.30am- Breakfast at ??? (Ding Tai Fung would be good)
9 plus- visited some hotspring (which one, Wu Lai too far away)
1pm- Wu Fen Pu
5/6pm- dinner, visit Miramar for the ferris wheel
9pm- nite market again perhaps ?? :blur:

Day 3
morning- head to Jiu Fen
where else can i go?
mebbe evening can head to Dan Shui

Day 4, 5, 6
visit taipei 101 that area, should i go Yang Ming Shan and Beitou??
where else can i go??

someone please help me plan my itinery, hehe.
i'm really making a mess of it, seems like so many days but nowhere to go?? :blur:
should i stay just in taipei or venture out of taipei?
but i wouldn't wanna waste much time on travelling.

Thanks in advanced!
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