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hi nakedtoes and diamontz,
i intend to actually stay in taipei only.
as i only have 6 days, don't think there's enough time to cover so many places.

nice pics of the hotspring you posted, nakedtoes.
is it easy to find that resort?
how long did you soak?
u come out of xin beitou Mrt station u will see KFC.. on the right u will see mcdonald.. walk along that stretch of road.. there are a lot of hotspring resorts on the right side.. the public one is on the left.. The hot spring i go just open for 2 weeks.. quite easy to reconigze.. remember to find the sumurai suit. For NT160 we sock inside for 2hrs plus.. go hot spring then sauna then juccuzzi then back to hot spring.. Like that can let yr blood circulate better.. But u have to rest abit in between hot and cold pool..
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