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Hi! I'm gg to TW in next wk. From the TW tourist map, to get to jiufen, k take train to Ruifang from Taipei & change bus to Jiufen. Is that right? The train mentioned here, is it railway train or the MRT? (a bit confused). Is it at the Taipei Main Station? Roughly how much does it cost & takes how long for the train ride?

I heard tat k also take bus to Keelong & change bus to jiufen (bus ride frm Keelong to Jiufen is 10 mins compared to Ruifang's 30 min bus ride to Jiufen)

Car motion sickness , so trying to cut the travelling time as short as possible...=P
You can take Zhi Qiang or Ying Guang Hao (railway train) from Taipei Train Station to Ruifang.

the train ticket (NT80 1 way, 40 minutes ride) to ruifang, after getting out from ruifang station, go across the road and take bus 825 Ji Long Ke Yun (NT19, 10-15 minutes ride) toward jinguashi direction and drop off at jiufen .

It takes abt 40mins bus journey from Jufen to Keelung. From keelung, you can buy Guo Guang Bus tix back to Taipei.

Hope this helps
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