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yes they are repeated MANY MANY times. but none go into details on where exactly it is. they only talk about how they go there. which is normally by bus or train. but i do not know their exact location. get it?
I tried to post message here,It said it was too long!!!
So I'll break it up:

where is jiu fen? where is keelung? where is yeliu? is it in taipei? near danshui or what?
One day trip:
Yeilou :Take a Kuo Kuang (02-2558 3060) Bus from the North Station of KuoKuang
Bus in Taipei Near Taipei Main Station to Yeliou (NT80 per head).
See the sites there Mainly unique Rock formations. From there take a Keelung
Bus to the Keelung Main Station.From the front of the Keelung Railway Station
take a Keelung Bus to Jinguashih,Then work your way backwards to Jioufen and
Rueifang before returning to Keelung in the evening.In between if you have
time go to Shi Fen (Lovely Waterfalls). It may seem complicated but it is
not.All of these are within one area with that Keelung bus plying the route.
All very scenic and time passes very fast. When in doubt,just ask any one for
directions. Now you have returned to Keelung in the late evening, then
head for Miaokow Food Street and after your Dinner,you can stroll around the
Keelung before returning to the hotel later by Bus or train. Yeilou Shifen Jinguashi :Gold Ecological Park Keelung Miaokow - Keelung Roadside Cuisine

Hi Check this Northern Area Map:
Yeilou is north of Keelung, Joiufen is South of Keelung ,Try to make time and get to Shifen about 15 km from Joiufen,lovely scenery.

Northern Area Map
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