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Pai seh!!

Shihlin NM closes late everyday. Ive arrived there at 11pm on a Sunday and it was still crowded.

I'll let you know on Wanhua timing , My friend goes there often. It is the Wholesale clothing area on the map.

Longshan Market is the area market not Huaxi St NM. This type of Market is very interesting as well. It is a wet market but the selll cooked food, Clothes e.t.c. there to the Housewives. Lots of Bargains in this type of Market.

I buy a lot of Shorts, Socks Tshirts from this type of place NT30 NT50 NT100 range. Get great Cheap sushi as well in some markets. NT10 ~ NT20
yo bro... no need shy lah... u are indeed a great help to us leh...

hmmm... oh so is diff hur... so longshan market open in the morning isit... okie i wait for u for the wanhua too...
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