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Lol, i guess i reach thru the whole thread 4th time le ever since i started planning my itinery for Taipei. As its a 4 days trip only, its really hard to plan with so many nice recommendation by all bros. I have some doubts:

1) Wat are the opening hours of WuFenPu where most shops are open? Some said that Sat is not a good time, some said its good to go there at noon. Is it opened on Sundays? As for Monday, is it mostly for wholesale dealers or we can go too without much prob.

I am plannning to use 1300 hrs - 1600 hrs on Saturday for WufenPu cos i am planning Jiufen+keelung after that (which is quite packed adi) and was wondering if all shops in WuFenPu will be available from 1300-1600.

2) What time does the Taipei underground mall (Front Station Mall and Taipei metro mall) operates? Is it ok to plan to visit there for shopping from late morn to early noon?

3) I understand that its highly recommended to visit danshui by sunset to get good scenery and pictures. We can watch the sunset from Danshui old street or at Yu Ren Ma Tou? M i rite to say that we have to take busfrom Danshui MRT to Old street and from old street, we take bus or ferry to Yu Ren Ma Tou?

Thanks for helping!
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