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1) I am plannning to use 1300 hrs - 1600 hrs on Saturday for WufenPu cos i am planning Jiufen+keelung after that (which is quite packed adi) and was wondering if all shops in WuFenPu will be available from 1300-1600.
Earlier on,some shops on the Street (Main Roads are open but the main inside market area not till after 4pm) Best not to go on Monday.Every other day from 4.30pm~ 11pm Do Jioufen and Keelung in the day(earlier in the morning )and come back to Taipei for Wufenpu and Raohe Street Mkt.

2) What time does the Taipei underground mall (Front Station Mall and Taipei metro mall) operates? Is it ok to plan to visit there for shopping from late morn to early noon?
After 10.30 is good especially Metro mall. You can lunch there as well. Indonesian, Filipino Western and Local .Abt NT120+ per head Max

3) I understand that its highly recommended to visit danshui by sunset to get good scenery and pictures.
Check the weather before you go there, if the whole day is going to be grey and cloudy then anytime is okay. You can walk to the Old street and then after that take the Red 26 to Fisherman's wharf.
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