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hi everyone.... me back too....

was a very very tired trip.... leg nearly break into half man....

yo nutty....... really tks for all the useful info u provide... i use all ur info and get ard the places.... can u imagine w/o all the bus no and where to take... i will be super lost there.... i didnt manage to get any maps wor.... so duno how to walk ard...

yo jazz.... wow ur wife still manage to find clothes at wufenpu hur... i only bought 2 tops and 1 pants for myself there leh... cos all the clothes seem to be more for winter liao leh...

but i bought a few skirts at shilin night market and cheap blouses there too

best is the bags i bought from danshui..... wow i bought about 8 for myself man.... :p hubby said so cheap buy lah... dun consider so much... so i grab alot lor... kekeke
Ha, how is the weather for the last few days there?
My leg almost break into half ... so we go for the foot massage .. did u go?
when we went Danshui on Monday, the shop selling the NT50 bag was close for stock take ... so my wife didn't bought any bag from there, but bought 4 bags from Miao Kou Nite Mkt at NT 100 each.

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