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First japanese language teacher was a singaporean. Therefore my basic foundation very stable as singaporeans can explain better...wayyyyyyyy better than japanese teachers.

Then intermediate and advance follow up by the principle himself whom was a japanese but had migrated to singapore tens of yrs ago, married and start a family here.....therefore he can speak chinese (impressive) and hokkien (even more impressive). Therefore, i am lucky to have a native japanese that can explain damn well.

Anyway, that was at Hougang Japanese School. The Hougang branch was the first japanese school in singapore. Although the hougang branch looks dirty and ancient, do not let it deceive you. It is a rather good school and the teachers (according to my experience) are willing to go beyond the stipulated hours to teach and explain more if u request.

Btw, tat was almost 5 yrs ago.....JCS was not bad. Tried it this yr cos very near my workplace.

Had frens studying in bunka....i was not impressed with their so called 'patented' special learning method when i read thru the notes and heard the studying method adopted there. Found that the basic foundation would not be strong. But then that's my personal opinion. Never really tried myself so can't really judge.
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