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Day 3(Sun) :Shopping Day

8.30 Breakfast
9.30 - Depart for CKS memotial Hall (optional as a bit out of way)
1100 - Taipei Station underground/Zhong Xiao Dong Lu/Guang Hua Shang Chang/ Chong Qing Nan Lu / Taipei 101 + New York New York + Warner
3.00 Depart for Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall
3.30 Depart for Wu Fen Pu wholesale mkt.
6.00 Depart from Wu Fen Pu to Rao He night mkt by cab (for abt NT100)
9.00 Dunno where to go
After CKS ,You can walk down to the President's office, not far ,then continue walking down the road which is Chong Shing Nan Rd.After this You will end up on ZhongXiao W Rd, Cross the road and enter the Front Mall of the Taipei Main Station MRT , the other mall is at the rear of the Station.After these, go to Guang Hua, then Zhongxiao Fuxing Mall Then Sun Yat Sen, Then !01 and Warner Etc, Then you can do Wufenpu later and after that Raohe. If you Exit Wufenpu on the side on Songshan Station,just walk across the bridge to get to Raohe, It is not necessary to take a taxi. By that time it will already be late. It is a long way to walk toThe Taipei City Hall MRT from Warner to get to Houshanpi, I normally wait for bus 284 at the stop outside Warner Village. (NT15)

This is following the Route of the Road without going back and forth on the MRT.
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