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Final itenerary... Pls advise :)

Hi everyone, after much planning and reading up on this wonderful thread, I've come up with this plan. Main purpose is to eat and shop as miuch as possible in this very short trip. All suggestions and help are very welcome!

Taipei 4 Days 3 Nites!

Day 1 (8 Dec, Thur)

1130: Arrive at Changi airport for check-in and lunch

1300: Board the plane!

1800: Arrive at Taipei CKS airport Grab another 2 copies of Tourist Pass booklets Look for Freego bus service for transportation to East Dragon hotel Enquire about return trip

1930: Check-in at East Dragon hotel

1945: (Optional) Search and eat Ah Zong Mian Xian for appetizer!

2015: Chiong to Shilin for dinner and shopping!

2345: Catch the last train back to hotel

Day 2 (9 Dec, Friday)

0730: Wake up!

0815: Breakfast in hotel

0900: Leave for Jiufen Take MRT to Taipei Main Station Underground link to Railway Station Buy tickets to Rui Fang Station (around NT40) Bus to Jiufen

1030: Reach Jiufen Things to look out for: Jiufen Chuan Tong Yu Wan (for early lunch), Teahouses with a killer view, City of Sadness site

1300: Proceed to Keelung, Miao Kou Seafood Market Check out: Crab soup, Butter crab

1430: Proceed to Dan Shui Take bus back to Ruifang railway station train back to Taipei main station MRT to Dan Shui station

1630: Reach Dan Shui Search for Ah Ma Tie Dan, Ah Gei glass noodles

1800: Proceed to Yu Ren Ma Tou (Take shuttle red bus 26)

1845: Ferry ride back to Danshui

1915: Proceed to Jiantan MRT Take shuttle bus to Miramar Take Ferris wheel

2030: Proceed back to Ximending for shopping and dining!

2330: Hotel sweet hotel!

Day 3 (10 Dec, Sat)

0830: Morning call!

0915: Breakfast in hotel

0945: Proceed to Zhongxiao Xinsheng Guang Hua Complex

1100: Proceed to Zhongxiao Fuxing/Dunhua for shopping

1300: Proceed to Taipei 101 Taipei City Hall station explore underground malls as well - Lunch

1530: Proceed to Wu Fen Pu. Explore the wholesale clothes centre for bargains!

1800: Proceed to Raohe Night market for light dinner and shopping

2000: Proceed to Shilin for more food and shopping

0100: Take cab back to hotel for well-deserved rest!

Day 4 (11 Dec)

0730: Mai tu liao, qi lai loh!

0815: Breakfast in hotel, eat outside if bored (highly likely)!

0900: Proceed to Xin Beitou for hotspring bath

0945: Reach Xin Beitou Search for hotspring resort, preferably 1 hour package

1130: Back to hotel for check out

1230: Lunch at Ximending area Jalan jalan everywhere!

1530: Reach Taipei Main Station Take bus back to CKS Airport

1825: Flight back to Singapore!
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