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Exclamation Differences and converting a Shure/Etymotic triflange to a biflange

Differences and converting a Shure/Etymotic triflange to a biflange

Differences of the two triflanges
Shure and Etymotic triflange; both are of the same colour and material but there are some differences. In the photo above, on the left is the Shure triflange, the middle one is the Etymotic triflange and lastly on the right, a converted Shure biflange. From the photo, you can tell that the Shure triflange has a stalk/stem while the Etymotic ones have almost no or very short stalk/stem. On the touch, the Etymotic ones are a little softer than the Shure’s, making them more comfortable for me. Both are about the same size but I think the Etymotic ones look slightly bigger. I can’t really tell.

Converting them from triflange to biflange
So how do you convert a triflange to a biflange? The procedure is the same for both brands. Just use a pair of sharp scissors and snip off the top/smallest flange. Invert the top/smallest flange for an easy and more precise cut. That’s it!

Mounting them onto Westones
To mount them onto a pair of Westones, it is a little different for both brands as the design of the UM1/2 earpiece requires a stalk/stem to elevate the tip from the body.

Etymotic triflanges have no or little stalk/stem. Use the snipped off top/smallest flange as a stalk/stem. As shown in the photo, just insert them onto the nozzle first, followed by the biflange. To use them as a triflange, you have to fashion a stalk/stem for it but it is very unlikely that a triflange will fit your ears or produce the best sound. It is or will be too long for many users.

The stalk/stem of the Shure triflange/biflange is simply too long for most users on the Westones. You will not want the earpiece to protrude out of your ears and they’re not design like this anyway. So you have to shorten it, normally flushed with the largest/bottom flange or slightly longer/protruding. Again, just use a pair of scissors!

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