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Thanks again.

OMG! Your review of the E888 sounds too gd liaoz.
But hor, anyone know if there are any chances of finding the Made in Japan pair instead?
The E888 is only effective in quiet environments. Outdoors, its SQ will suffer, you'll be better off with some in-ears. Unless you manage to find some attachments like Griffin's Earjams to convert it into an in-ear. But i dunno if it will fit a E888 and SQ will be affected.

Japan pair in SG? lol! Virtually impossible to buy 1st hand these days. Your best bet is a 2nd hand pair. Even the E888SP version is hard to get, let alone a Japan pair. If i'm not wrong, those avaliable now are made in philippines or china.

But you can try your luck in Tokyo's electronic district, might be able to find one.

Thanks afbug1!! Excellent review, which now gives me confident to go out and buy MDR-888 tomorrow. 100 hours break-in time? Hmmm... seems I should connect it to my home system and play for 5 hours daily for about 2 weeks. Thanks again!
Before you go and buy one, i have to remind you that my tastes and opinons differ from some. It might not please you. And given iPod's lower bass output, it might sound a bit thin. Unless you use it with a Shuffle or 5G iPod.

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