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Wow, you got me right there! Yes, that was the only one left. I would have cried if you bought that before me!

Well, sound off the box is just normal with equalizer off. I left it playing in 50% volume for the past two hours. Well, I will tell you how it sounds in couple of days. Don't you know that it needs atleast 100 hours burn-in time? Go back and read the review!!!
I was there, oogling at Sony's new cameras. Then remembered E888, so i went over and took a look and walk off.

It should sound good without any EQ. Thats how the E888 should sound like and enjoyed. For some earphones, you have to trim the treble and maybe add some bass etc etc.

I ask you for 1st impressions cos i haven got a clue how the new philippines ones sound like and if it sounds good with a ipod. Yours is a 5G ipod? And i used the foam pads. It does changes the sound a bit. nb....the review i wrote one, surely i know how many hours i typed!

Try this after a month or so:

Remove the silent cap, there is a paper filter, remove it and slip the foam pads over. It should sound clearer and have better bass and treble extension.
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