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ahbug1 dude. how do i get the best out of my HJE-50 and Creative Muvo combination?
I have no idea as i never use a creative movo before.

1. Essential to get a good seal. Try all the tips and experiment. Insert them as deep as possible.
2. Let them run in for about 50 hours.
3. Use any EQ to adjust the sound to your tastes.
4. Use an amp but likely not to make much difference to a HJE50 or these in-ears.
5. Use a Sony tip or other brands of tips, they might provide a better seal or have better SQ. To me, a Sony tip on the HJE50 sounds slightly better.
6. Wash the ear tips regularly with mild soapy water. Once or twice a month will be fine.

If you're expecting some mod, i have not idea. Din see anyone mod their HJE50 before.

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