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Hi, going to taipei for 4 days during the xmas period for food and maybe shopping but think mostly is winter clothing For the food what is the recommended one at each location?

1. Ah Zhong Mee Sua
2. Ya Rou Bian
3. Sun Bro Dessert
4. Duck Tongue
- chong zua bing (like roti prata)

1. Ah Geh's noodle - go to the one opposite the ah ma tie dan
2. Ice cream - miss it. tasteless. only tall only
3. Ah ma Tie Dan

1. XXL Chicken
2. Da Bin Bao Xiao Bin
3. Pao Pao Bing
4. Hu Jiao Bing - Raohe one better same brand one

1. Seafood

1. Tea
2. Fishball
-mua chee
- fen yuan (yam, sweet potato)

1. Snake soup??
2. Turtle soup

-deep fried small crabs (refer to few pages earlier)

Can help me update further??
as aobve...........
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