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Hi all, I read through all but still quite confusing.

Anyway I am going Taiwan during the Christmas period. Here is my schedule please help to give comments and suggestion especially on how to reach each place and also I intend to go Wu Lai and Xiao Ren Guo, please help me to find time slot to slot in. Thanks

Day 1: Wed
Hotel check-in
Go Shihlin Night Market for dinner.
Go Ferris Wheel Shopping Mall and sit ferris wheel.
Go back Shihlin and shop.
Procced back Xi Men Ting wlak around.
Lastly go Big Echo (Hello Kitty) KTV

normally will stay in shilin till last train so wun have time for ximending

Day 2: Thur
Go Yeliu in early morning.
After that go Jiu Fen (City of Sadness) for lunch and drink tea see ivew.
Proceed to Jin Gua Shi.
Lastly go Ji Long for Miao Kou Night Market to have seafood dinner, if got time go the temple there pray.
Return to Taipei and go Snake Alley for supper and shop ard.

actually long shan temple and snake alley is juz nearby only. y not visit these places 2gether instead of going 2times to the same area? i've been to jiufen, jinguashi and keelung during my trip and i returned to taipei ard 9pm so u shouldl have enough time for longshan and huaxijie

Day3: Fri
Take morning train to Hualian.
Book cab to tour Taroko Gorge National Park and Qi Xin Tan.
If can, go Ami Aboriginal Cultural Village for dinner before returning to Taipei.
Walk around Xi Men Ding and go Party World KTV

not too sure if u will have the time and energy for ximending and ktv after consecutive 2 siong days~ esp returning from hualian to taipei will takes u 3hrs. u might reach taipei late

Day4: Sat
Go Martyrís Shrine in early morning.
After that proceed to Miniatures Museum of Taiwan.
Around 11 plus go Beitou (HotSpring Bath) and Hotspring Museum.
Late noon (1Pm) go Dan Shui Old Street to eat and shop till 5pm.
Go Fishermanís Wharf to see before and after lit up of the loverís bridge
Return to ShihLin Night Market to see the diff between weekday and weekend shihlin.

looks ok but i have a feel u will skip martyr shine due to fatigues and u might need more time for hotspring

Day5: Sun
Go Xi Men Ting in moring.
Go Long Shan Temple to take a look.
Proceed to Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, Shin-Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store, Warner Village Cinema Center, New York New York, Taipei 101. (Just walk around only not shopping)
In late afternoon around 3pm go Wu Fen Pu and shop till 6.30pm.
Go Roa He Night Market for dinner and shop around.
At late night go MOS/Plush/Room18.

ximending dun start business so early so i suggest u go CKS 1st den return back to ximending for shopping den move east to xinyi and finally wufenpu.

now heres the tricky part~ if u going room18, its at cityhall station neo19 building and its near to wufenpu but u'll have bought alot of stuffs so u have to unload at ur hotel~ and travel back to cityhall. or u can travel up to jiantan after unloading for MOS but the mid-nite cabfare will be ex.

Day6: Mon
Last min shopping at Xi Men Ding from morning to 3pm. Need to leave hotel at 3.15pm to go airport take 6pm flight.

ximending last day ok~

Thatís all. Any feedback? Places to recommend?
maybe for fri if u managed to return taipei early, u can visit zhong xiao dong lu so u covered 1 more place but u'll miss ximending night life~ so maybe on sunday nite after raohe and u r returning to hotel to unload ur stuffs, take a walk in ximending den go over to whichever clubbing place u r going ba
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