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anyone here been to taipei arena?
nice to shop? I'm gg around christmas on tour, so only have half day free & easy...thinking of going there (since this is my 2nd trip)

By the way, how's the weather in taipei now? I'm not sure whether to buy a thicker winter wear or what...coz the weather seems to change between 9-10 or 15-16... (first time going overseas during winter time... )
Taipei Arena just opened on the 7th Dec. Currently it has an Ice Skating Ring ,And the Main Arena is for Basketball.Lots of other features. Ihave not gone there yet but I did read all about it in the magazine.

If there is no cold front , the weather is a plesant 15~22.If you have a sweater and a sports jacket, then it should be okay for you .Wear A Tshirt, Shirt,sweater and jacket. Once you are here, if you still feel cold, then just shop here at one of the Nightmarkets etc. It will definitely be cheaper to buy a heavier jacket here at a discount. Something "cool".
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