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Hey afbug1!!! (I hate calling u by this name, can u remove the mask and tell us ur real name?!) My MDR-888 sounds better and better as days goes on. I'll try removing the paper filter next week, following ur instructions. If my earbuds stops working after that, I'll come and kiss u then!!! :
Haha! I prefer to have a cutie kiss me. Like that i hope your earbuds stop working!

Key word is gentle. The mod is fully reversible but like any mod, you've to be gentle and careful. If the rubber ring snaps or the metal grill bends, no hope liao. Remember to observe the orientation of the rubber ring and metal grill when putting it back.

Guys i will be clearing up this thread, so if u happen to see your post missing, dun worry its not because its offensive, its because i need to do some housekeeping to prevent the thread from getting OT too much
Wow! Thanks for the work put in. I saw the other thread you've created and unstuck. Not easy being a mod. lol

finally got my Cresyn! 1st impression is that the sounds are more energetic, and there's better bass, compared to my stock ones. have yet to do a direct comparison, maybe wait till i run in the Cresyn more.

got it at 45 (up 49.90) from michael multimedia accessories at sls 2nd floor (pink signboard). the RL version. saw my stock creative ep-480 at 39.90, and was contemplating if the Cresyn can fare significantly better than my current set which cost just $10 less. but just couldn't help but be swayed by afbug1's review, so just heck and got it anyway was fed up with waiting for the apple shop to open, it was already 1pm! no chance to see cutie...

regarding the L-shape design at the head of the cord, will it help if i use black tape to secure the part? but will the resulting rigidity place more stress on my zen micro jack which is so highly fault-prone?
It will be better than your stock buds thats for sure. Tape might not work. Maybe a piece of heat shrink might. But i will leave it as it is, just be careful not to stress them too much esp your player's jack.

heheh this reply might be way too late ...but i juz happen to saw this now..
Cresyn , i strongly believe it comes from the word 'Crescendo' which means reaching the peak volume in music... maybe...
Hmmm.......might be. Crescendo.....reminds me of overseas ex.

curious... anyone knows how does cresyn compare to creative ep630 ???
in term of definition and bass?

hearing so much gd things abt it
i also itching to get 1 to try
Better definition but less bass. You decide!

cresyn no 0.5m version in sg right?
So far no. My friend also looking for it.

BTW, i saw that shop that sells it for $90, saw that banner as well lol! Touch and demoed the iaudio U3. wow!
WTB CDs: Broken Arrow OST. Anyone?

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