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ah yes guru

heard a lot of gd things abt 888 but is it a pair of open phones?
i think i need isolation esp travelling in mrt... X_x

i no $ to try uncharted waters...
u r guru i follow u
wat u say gd i will go buy


anyway i m a v confused audio noob
sometimes i want deep bass
but sometimes i want the crisp clarity
depending genre of music

btw i listen v widely from metal, smooth jazz, classical music, opera,
and yes i am ashame to say...sometimes jay chou pop music
lol. Not guru la. I only familar with these models and said what my ears told me. Everyone got different taste.

Ya, E888 is a normal open earbud. What happen to your HD25? It can isolate quite well rite? Ever considering selling your HD25 and get a HD555/595 for home listening after getting some in-ears?

CK7 first impressions! Full review in a few days.
More pics
I forgot to add that it is MADE IN JAPAN!

Still within sls. I think someone just posted abt this a few posts ago.
(Just gimme 2more days!!!! )
Whats your budget? Go for a CK7 if possible. A class above the rest.
WTB CDs: Broken Arrow OST. Anyone?

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