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better den cresyn?
Yes but they're in different price brackets. Cresyn is certainly not the best earphone you can buy but it is still the best in my opinon in the $30-$80 category.

sigh... hd25 is v gd but its bloody warm to bring a pair of closed headphone ard esp in sg bloody weather....think i need a pair of iem for commuting ard sg is a more practical choice and
better still if it can give me the high.. like those deep jazz bass so thick u feel u r "swimming in it" type...sigh

was i thinking of selling off hd25 and get a e3c but then heard so much "weak" bass tat i m having cold feets liao.. BUT if u know of anyone who wants to get a hd25 let me know ok!!!

ck7 mmm.... interesting...strong bass? i m looking forward w great anticipation to yr detailed review!!!!!!!!
Wah HD25.....yours is the full version? Not the strip down SP rite? A bit tough to find a buyer for this as it is a premium can with a premium price.

If you're considering the E3, go for the UM1. They sound similar but the UM1 have stronger bass and is cheaper. I will not say that the CK7 have strong bass but it will satisfy most people. They seem to have bass stored somewhere in reserve. They dun respond as well as other earphones when the bass bosst on the discman is swtiched on. Can tell the difference but the jump is not as great as other earphones. Why in reserve then? Because when the song demands strong bass, (eg rap/hip-hop) it delievers.

After reading thru the whole thread, i think i will split the thread again as quite a number of post is just about cresyn , pls look out for the thread abt Cresyn and continue the relevant post there rather than here, thks for your kind understanding Also pls use the PM function if u wanna ask someone personally, remember to keep this a good sticky it wld require everyone's co-operation
Wah wait they bomb my pm.

Pls continue all discussions in the thread below:

afbug1, how much are the CK7s?
$160 MSRP. It is not out in the stores in SG yet. I got them from Bluetin. This is a very new earphone. Released in JP only end of last month. I am probably the 1st in head-fi to receive it and maybe the 1st (Besides bluetin) in SG to own it. lol. It is a risk to plunge into uncharted waters.
WTB CDs: Broken Arrow OST. Anyone?

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