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as promised, my itinerary in taipei:

1st day:
-reach CKS at 6pm, took guoguang bus and rush to Onestar, took cab to ZhongShi for guessx3 recording...luckily the recording started late, so we could catch the recording altho we reach there at 8+..bought bento at 7-eleven coz no time to eat...(cheap bento @ 35)
-went to HongKan restaurant at ximending for supper after guessx3, nice food but a lil exp

2nd day:
-went to taipei station underground shopping mall, heaven for gers, boots selling at 200NT, bag selling ay 100NT...nothing much for guys tho...
-went to XinGuangSanYue afterwards, all of us din get anything there as we find it too exp...altho they are having annivesary sale...saw many ppl queuing to go up to 12th floor, still wonder why....btw, shopping area only up to 11th floor....
-back to Ximending for dinner and walk ard there...sleep early today as we are gg hualien early in the morning the next day...

3rd day:
-took Ziqiang train to Hualien at 7.10am, reach there at abt 10+...couldnt find any mini bus to take 13 of we took a cab n a MPV for the day tour, 500/pax....quite sianz with 1 of the driver as he kept asking if we wanted to go here n there.....def haf some motive behind it....
-took 5.20pm train to Jiufen...sighz...some of us missed the Ruifang stop as we were overslept...and the fact is tat the train stop for a really SHORT while at each when we heard the RUIFANG ZHAN, its alr too late to get guys, dun be like me and be really alert when u gonna reach ur destination...take note of the reaching time on ur tic as the train really reach there PROMPTLY.....=)
-funnie signboard in train
-check in LongMenKeZhan and walked ard in jiufen, had dinner at AhMei Teahouse...
-nightview at jiufen

4th day:
-walked ard in Jiufen...guys, personally i'd like to rec a Oh-Ni stall here as there are too many stall there...its a stall at ur left while u are walking DOWN on the old street, there will be YOUNG MAN/LADY making Oh-Ni out there( the only stall which do tat)...i find it real nice...i think i had 3 bowls there man...
-2 other very nice food there
-Went to Gongguan for MaLaHuoGuo...nice!

5th day:
-Went to XinBeiTou for hotspring, 430/pax(grp price)
-outdoor pool...Cooolll....
-went to DanShui for dinner and shopping afterwards, good food and good buy there!...tried ah-Geh...nice!!....not so into TieDan tho...
-back to hotel, dressed up and head to PLUSH for GREAT FUN!...haha...nice place, CHIO gers(sg gers really no fight)...very big dance floor, many many model look gers, and all very well-dressed and my gosh, they can dance!!....but its quite exp tho...1000NT for entrance as that was their reopening night after renovation, normally 700NT for weekend, 550NT weekday....we bought 1 bottle of vodka at 7-eleven for 550NT, finis the bottle then head back haf fun!...
those who are thinking to go to their nightspot, can consider this and LUXY(rec by a very chio ger in PLUSH)

6th day:
-Hsinyi Shopping area(101, Warner Vilage, NYNY, Neo19, XGSY), watch KingKong there, its exp man...300NT a gosh!...wasted a day as we were rushing to WufenPu at 5pm...
-Shopping at Wufenpu, heaven for gers also..nothing much for guys, all winter wear...had HuXuZhang lu rou fan there tho....nice!
-head back to hotel to drop our stuff, chiong to Shilin for dinner

7th day:
-as we spent our time with KingKong at Hsinyi, we went back there again today...went up to 101 tho...350NT for indoor view, 100NT more to go up to 91st floor outdoor view....DAMN COLD up there....nice view tho....
-Guofu Memorial hall from 91st floor
-Danshui river from 91st floor
-Night view from 91st floor
-101 night view
-went to Shilin for dinner again....(1 day is not enuf for sure)..btw, guys, if u are llooking for shoes or sports apparall, theres this BIG shop called MOMENTUM in Shilin, more variety here...

8th day:
-last min shopping at Ximending, tried every our fav food again here again b4 we go back sg....Ah zhong mian xian, bubble tea, Chong Zhua Bing, Lu rou fan, etc.....
-check out the crowd

btw, we happened to see Cyndi QianChangHui at Ximending, and SHUQI at TAIPEI immigration....haha....shiok!...金马奖影后 man!
-took only 3 pics with her....shes very pretty!!!....very frenly too...all of us were so excited, including some aunties queuing behind her....haha....shes alone tho....

-One Star Hotel
-2 frenly staff at OneStar(the one very pretty man!...haha..)

ok, tats all....phew....sorry for the long post man....enjoy...=)
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