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My itinerary as follows:

5Day Itinery

Day 1 (Fri)): Depart SG 1.00pm, arrive Taipei 5.40pm
11.30: Arrive at Changi airport for check-in and lunch
6.00: Arrive at Taipei CKS airport
6.40 - Leave for Friends Hotel ( via airport bus)
7.40 Check-in / Unload
8.30 - Leave for Shilin Market 1 & 2 (MRT Jiantan... use exit 1, cross the road, n there is shilin nite market (NT20 one way)

Day 2 (Sat) Beitou / Danshui / Yu Ren Ma Tou / Shilin or Ximenting

7.30am: Breakfast at Hotel
8.00am: MRT to Beitou (NT30)
8.30am: Beitou Hotspring at Bai Lei Hui Wen Quan Fan Dian (pte hotspring)
(NT1600 before tax / 2hrs.)
Public pool got promo now at NT160 instead of NT250. Hubby and BIL took public pool. Comes with hot pool, cold pool, sauna & gym. And they give you a very small towel. I'm not used to it so took a pte room with my sis
11.00 Hotspring Museum (missed this as not enuf time)
12.00 Lunch at hotspring. steamboat at NT330. big portion but is at rooftop so very windy.

2.30 - MRT to Danshui.(NT35) Danshui ΰLao Jie for shopping (love this place. Many knick knacks)
6.00 Sunset at Yu Ren Ma Tou (missed this as enjoyed shopping at lao jie and nearby streets)
8.30 – Dinner at Danshui
9.30 Depart for miramar ferris wheel + Shilin Night Market (Missed this as too tired.
10.00 – MRT to Hotel

Day 3(Sun) :Shopping Day

8.30 – Breakfast

9.30 - Depart for CKS memotial Hall (guard handing taking over ceremony every hour).
After CKS , walk down to the President's office,(Missed this as there was a fair at CKS and we spend a lot of time there. Plus it was drizzling)

the Taipei Main Station - Taipei City Mall after 10.30am.

Book Street is Chongqing S Rd. Near Taipei Main Station (can't find and asked a few pple but they dunno where, strange)

Xinguang San Yue

Guang Hua (@Zhongxiao Xinsheng) . Only bought DVDs. Some cheaper or not found in Sg

3.30 Depart for Wu Fen Pu wholesale mkt. (
6.00 Depart from Wu Fen Pu to Rao He night mkt .
Cheap jeans. also tried the mini crabs. Not bad.
10.00 Depart for hotel as hubby back was breaking from the books he bought

Day 4 (Mon):

0800 - Breakfast
0900 - Leave for Yeliu via a KuoKwang Bus heading to JinShan in the Taipei North STN.
Go out by exit 1 at Taipei Main STN. Bus tix around 80NT.
1100 - Reached Yeliu - quite ULU place so best is ask the ppl on e bus or e driver where to
stop and how to walk in.
1300 - Leave for Jiufen via Keelung - No direct bus so have to go Keelung 1st. Take a
Keelung Bus heading to Keelung Train STN 1st. The bus stop can be found
opposite the bus stop u alight at Yeliu.After reaching Keelung Train STN, ask around
for the bus stop which heads for Jiufen. It is very near the Train STN.
1430 - Reached Jiufen
1630 - Walked finish Jiufen and leave for Miao Kou Night Market at Keelung.
The night market is very near the Keelung Train STN.
1800 - Reached the Night Market
2000 - Leave for Taipei via a Kuokwang Bus at Keelung Train STN.

Skip this as it was drizzling.

Went to Longshan temple , long shan undergrd mall, Ximenting, Taipei undergrd mall and search for comic bookshop at Taiyuan

Day 5 (Tue): Depart Taipei 6.25pm

10.00 – Sun Yat Sen,

Taipei 101 – Taipei City Hall station
Taipei 101 / NYNY / Warner Cinema / XingGuanShanYue
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