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seems like a lot of people going taiwan these days.... Must be those variety shows.... Me too going there soon.....

I got a question, I need to book rainbow hotel for my stay.
1.)How do I go book the hotel? Which website to book?
2.) If i make my own way from rainbow hotel to airport, I supposed I can ask the hotel to help me book the guo guan bus or something like dat?

Me going tour package but gonna to xtend for another 3 dyays free and easy.

Appreciate any help here. Glad to find this thread as there re tons of info here. Thank YOu!

To get to airport from Ximenting area, Take the MRT to Taipei main Station.Yu can take a bus from outside the Taipei Main Station. : No Need to Book .

Rainbow Hotel Website: You have to call or Fax them to book.
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