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^To above user.

Actually, you should tried out different earphones rather than shelling out 79.90 for the Sony MDR-EX71SL. I wouldn't recommend the er6i (?) because of its extremely steep price, and its targeted performance level surpasses that of the EX71s (from what I make out from the review).

I agree on what afbug1 said about the MDR-EX71, especially after replacing my 1 1/2 year old EX71s with a pair of Audio Technica ATH-CK5s, which IMO perform with much better balance than the MDR-EX71.

However, after reading afbug1's review, I rushed out to get myself a pair of Cresyn LMX-E630DL, and burnt it in for 6 hours. No regrets. This pair of 49.90 earphones outperform the EX71 in every aspect possible, even the bass!

Here's what I think of each of the individual earphone's performances (done on my Creative MuVo TX FM 256MB model, Jazz and Normal EQ, 1 year 2 months old, no problems faced at all):

Sony MDR-EX71SL (1st in-ears, current status: Damaged):
-These are my first pair of in-ear earphones, bought back in 2004 in the Sony Year End sale for $64.00.
-At first, I was wowed by the earphones very strong bass reproduction, and was satisfied using it for a very long time because of its comfort and very good isolation levels.
-Gotta admit that somehow, its volume is softer than the pair of Audio Technica earbuds that I replaced with it, but it mostly sounds the same but with stronger bass.
-After using the ATH CK-5 for a while, I borrowed another pair of MDR-EX71s from a friend of mine, and I kinda like the CK5's over the EX71's, it really makes the EX71's treble sound VERY scratchy, and from what I can hear, the EX71's midrange was literaly almost non-existent when compared to the EX71.
-After listening o the $30.00 cheaper Cresyn LMX-E630, I'm disappointed by the EX71's strong but (ironically) very muddy, boomy (With distortion at volumes above 37 out of the 40 step scale) bass (Music in use was Gran Turismo 4's Arcade Selection music, MP3 256kbps format).

Note: The Silver parts of the earphone will wear out after a while, becoming completely black, and yes, I had a black pair)

Audio Technica ATH-CK5 (OK performer, bass is lacking, comfortable):
-1 1/2 years later, I bought these to replace my damaged MDR-EX71, the right side has failed and couldn't give out any sound.
-It' bass sounded pretty flat when compared to the MDR-EX71 when out of the box, but after I burnt it in for 48 hours, its bass started to liven up, but is still weak however.
-Its clarity levels are decent, mid-range is its strength, while trebles are reproduced quite faithfully.
-Volume level is similar to that of the MDR-EX71.
-Performance wise, its much better balanced as compared to the EX71.
-Its just me, but because of the earclips that protrude out of the earphones, the ATH-CK5 was the most comfortable and fitting for my ears out of the 3 earphones.
-Isolation is a notch above the EX71, but just barely.

Note: I would prefer if earphones were as comfortable as this one.

Cresyn LMX-E630(DL, black 1.2m);
-Bought it after reading afbug1's review.
-Excellent lows and mids, piano keys and guitar riffs are reproduced very faithfully, and the qualty of the sound from Jay Chou's (Ye Qu and Qi Li Xiang, 224 and 256kbps respectively) left me literaly astounded, and the playback from my Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Orchestrated Sountrack was simply astounding, with the flutes, bass, trambolines, cymbals... basically all the musical instruments all complimenting each other so impeccably!
-On the contrary to afbug1's review, I find the bass of the earphones to be very strong, on par with the EX71, but much, much cleaner. It also seems to have much bass in reserve, because where heavy bass is concerned, the LMX-E630 literaly punched my ears!
-Not as comfortable as the EX71 or the CK5, but that problem is easily fixed by replacing its default earbuds with the EX71 buds that I have and still use (bass quality further enhanced and marginally deepened).
-Isolations are just below that of the EX71, marginally.
-Volume level surpasses that of the EX71 an CK5 easily. I was very shaken when I just plugged it in the first time and listened to it on the volume levels I listen to the EX71 and CK5, and had to reduce the volume level from 30 to 25.

Final impressions:
-Sony MDR-EX71 = For its hefty sub $80 price tag, you'd expect Sony to come up with something better, but they failed to deliver. Scratchy treble, non-existent mid-range and dirty/muddy bass (avoid the MDR-EX51 as well).

-Audio Technica ATH-CK5 = Quite a decent performer (but weak bass) once you get used to it, but for its price range, there are better phones like the Cresyn.

-Cresyn LMX-E630 = A very well balanced earphone, definitely loving it until I decide to upgrade to the Audio Technica ATH-CK7ti in the future (also because of afbug1's review). For $45-49.90, this thing's a steal!

Now, I'm gonna wait for tomorrow and go down to Sim Lim to purchase me the iAudio U3 to pair with my LMX-E630! *is a happy man*

Oh, and pics taken from my handphone on the 3 in-ear-earphones (left to right: ATH-CK5 black, MDR-EX71 black, LMX-E630 black (DL)):

EDIT (IMO, price to performance score out of 5.0)
$79.90 MDR-EX71: 1.0
$45.00 ATH-CK5: 2.5
$49.90 LMX-E630: 4.0 (would be 5.0 if not for the default earbuds, which are kinda crappy IMO)

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