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hi everyone...

i finally finished the 196 pages... i am really very impressed with the info... will post my itinerary for you guys' comments after i finalised some details.. before that, need some help here... will be going Taiwan in mar and thot of going Alisan, Ri Yue Tan before proceed back to Taipei, from Taitung.

But so far, i din hear anything abt Taitung.. can someone help me on this:

1. Will be travelling via train from Hualien to Taitung, in view of the scenic views along the way. But i am stuck here.. how to get to Alisan from Taitung?

2. Is Taitung worth the journey cos i read tat we can go alisan from hualien...

3. How to proceed to Ri Yue Tan from Alisan?

4. What is the duration like for the Ri Yue Tan (Nantou) back to Taipei?

Any kind souls out there... please assist.. thanks..
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