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I just came back from 13D/12N in Taiwan yesterday Taiwan land transportation (i.e. train/bus) is so efficient and on time that I managed to do Alishan, Green Island (Taitung) and Hualien in 6-7 days - no rush at all!

1. From Chiayi (i.e. Alishan) to Taitung, easiest way is to take train to KaoHsiung and there will be many connections to Taitung. A more scenic route would be morning bus from Tainan to TienChi on the South Cross-Island Highway. You will have to change bus at TienChi to Taitung around noon, and yes you will have still have to take a bus from Chiayi to Tainan.

2. The east coast scenary is best on a bus rather than train, as the train tracks are little inland and goes through lots of tunnels compared to the road which is hugging the coast. Best part arre the QingShui Cliffs just north of Hualien and also the part just south of Hualien. Having said that there's currently NO bus between Taipei and Hualien (company closed down!).

3. Taitung is a sleepy little town with nothing much to do other than being the departure point for Green Island (Lu Dao) and Orchid Island (Lanyu Dao). Lu Dao is very beautiful - scenary almost like parts of Europe. If you're a scubadiver, it is one of the top divesites in Taiwan (the other being Orchid Island).

4. It will really save you lots of $$$ if you can ride a scooter. Me and my friend rented scooters at NT250-400/day at various places and we explored fully places like Green Island and Taroko Gorge and we had more flexibility than taking a tour. Taiwanese bikes are really easy to handle but avoid the big cities like Taipei if you are a rookie!

5. Sorry can't offer much advice on Sun Moon Lake as the last time I was there was more than a decade ago!

Enjoy your trip!

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