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I wouldn't label a product 'failed' just because it doesn't have SM 3.0 (the most notable feature of 3.0 is perhaps HDR). Despite Nvidia's effort to use SM 3.0 is a marketing advantage, HDR didnt receive widespread support till recently. Even till today, not every title has HDR too.

If I remember correctly, the only game that has HDR during those days is Far Cry. HL2 don't have it till they release the Lost Coast demo and I also don't recall Doom3 having it. For today, not having HDR support will be considered a big minus but thats not the case during 6800/X800 days.

In fact, X800 is considered one of the best value for $$$ cards today. The PC X800GTO16 cost just $319 and the Sapphire X800GTO2 cost $349.

Btw, if you look at lost coast, a X800 can do lighting effects thats almost as good as a SM 3.0 card.
Serious Sam 2 have HDR support thats why leadtek include them inside their package
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